Akiyama Daichi THORN

Bipitch (G3, B3) VCV append voicebank.

Best suited for fast + louder songs.

Resampler: Moresampler (recommended), Tips

Includes: Glottal stops, end breaths, la strings, vocal fry endings, falsetto vowel strings, growl vowel strings.

Includes VC support.



Age: Infinite, body is 21.

Likes: Flirting, performing, showing off, attention, petnames.

Dislikes: Itchy clothes, being ordered around, people that don't know him.


Akiyama Daichi THORN is a demon, although the sins he represent are a secret. He is very full of himself, fueling himself off of compliments. His biggest wish is to become hell's biggest rock star.

Thorn is the world's biggest sweetheart, easily winning the hearts of millions. He is the most well known man, aside from Satan himself, in Hell. Despite his constant ego-fueling complex, he is a flirty and kind person, always giving the upmost attention to anyone that speaks with him. He often defaults to calling everyone "babe" or "darling", in the way where it's natural to his speech. He is almost always seen smiling.

A majority of his "show winning" personality is a half facade (sort of like how you put on a Customer Service personality, it's all for his work.) He genuinely cares, but the Real Thorn is a... nerd. He loves junk food, and is a very lazy person, oftentimes having his manager force him to do things in order to stay relevant. He hates almost every outfit he puts on for showbiz, due to his sensory issues. After a night of rocking out, all he wants to do is curl up on his couch in his boxers.