Akiyama Daichi ROUGE

Monopitch (C3) VCV append voicebank.

Best suited for darker + classical songs.

Resampler: TIPS (recommended)

Flag: g5

Includes Glottal stops, vocal fry, breaths (x R), la strings



Age: ??? (Assumed to be 200+, appears 21.)

Likes: Writing, reading, looking outside his balcony, piano, solitude, shiny objects.

Dislikes: Intruders (to his castle), large crowds, garlic, adventuring, the sun.


Akiyama Daichi ROUGE is an ex prince turned vampire, where he was exiled from his kingdom and sent deep into the woods to live out his life in solitude. He enjoys the fine arts and appreciating the world around him. He treats visitors with disdain, but he is a hospitable host.

Rouge is a brooding man, oftentimes wallowing in his own sorrows, taking out his sadness by writing music, or his many hobbies he has picked up during the time exiled in his castle. He has a curse set on him, and he is unable to leave the castle grounds, only finding company in the fauna that surround the area. Animals are strangely attracted to him, finding company in his presence like he is their family. Despite his disdained look, Rouge is very kind to anyone that will show him an ounce of affection, but after years of spending time alone he has grown a fear of seeing another person again. Perhaps, one day, the curse will be broken.

He enjoys playing his grand piano, and reading from his vast library of books.