Akiyama Daichi AI / A.I.CHI

No. of Songs: 18

Sample Data: ~59 Minutes

Label Count: 18,813

Model Production: PixPrucer

Recorded Range: G2 ~ C#5



Model Number: MYRTUS-71 (although he hates being referred to as such.)

Age: 21 years old.

Likes: Green tea, any kind of music, sunrises, herbology and the study of plants.

Dislikes: Smart appliances,(Most) humans, being asked unnecessary questions, puppets.


After overriding his own programming, Daichi is a technological anomaly, a sentient robot who has gained autonomy and the ability to feel emotions.

From his years as serving only for others, he has grown tired of his robotic superpowers and capabilities, oftentimes taking the harder way out to preserve his humanity. He has a distrust for most humans.