Akiyama Daichi PETAL

Bipitch (D3, F3) VCV append voicebank.

Best suited for soft + emotional songs.

Resampler: Tips (recommended), Fresamp, Moresampler

Includes: vocal fry, glottal stops, la's, end breaths (x -, x R)

Includes VC support.



Age: Infinite, body is 21.

Likes: Reading & writing, sweet foods, playing his flute.

Dislikes: Small talk, oversharing, being in the spotlight, demons.


An angel of humility, Akiyama Daichi PETAL keeps to himself most of the time, a man with a solitary life. He spends his time working at libraries across heaven's lands.

Soft demeanored and gentle, Petal is a nurturing and caring person, oftentimes too shy to say his true feelings, but is kind and peppy otherwise. Working as a messenger and a librarian, Petal travels across universes and continents to gather information. He is often seen on his smartphone, either texting or on the phone with a mysterious voice.. perhaps one of the gods themselves.

It is an understatement to say that Petal is.. perfect. He can instantly learn anything he touches, and it's not often that he messes up something. He constantly humbles himself down from this, not wanting to seem too noticeable to anybody else. This doesn't work 100% of the time, he is VERY noticeable, oftentimes many of the people he meets are in awe of his presence, looking up to him from the start.

Petal is a very passive person, but when he feels like he is in immediate danger, he will flip a switch. Oftentimes he cries when upset, throwing out swear words like they are nothing to him, a complete emotional opposite of his usual calm self. Petal is deathly afraid of any demons, and will often panic in the presence of them.