Akiyama Daichi CALYX

Monopitch VCV Append Voicebank (A2).

Deep, hoarse vocals, best used for lower ranged songs.

Resampler: Tips (recommended), Moresampler, Fresamp

Includes: vocal fry, la's, glottal stops, end breaths (a R), end vocal fry (a R.)



Age: 108 (Physically 21)

Likes: Eating, observing others, swimming (alone), playing his acoustic guitar, fishing.

Dislikes: Showing off his soft side, people perceiving him, swimming (with other people around), vegetables.


Akiyama Daichi CALYX is a mythical fishperson, living in a remote beach shack. He often is brutally honest, to the point where he has no filter, but he tends to hide his deepest feelings. He often is by himself fishing, or swimming in his favorite cave getaway near his home.

As a guardian for the beach, and the coastal environment around him, Calyx watches over it all.. which is quite an easy job, if you asked him. He loves to spend his time outside, oftentimes seen hand fishing off the coast of his beach shack home, or taking care of his flower gardens. Overall, he is quite interested in humans, watching them from afar with curious eyes whenever he meets someone new. Calyx doesn't say much, simply saying what is necessary most of the time, which causes him to be quite blunt. He keeps his true habits and self locked away, only showing people he trusts.

Calyx was initially insecure about his fish-like tendencies, until he met his now husband Sullivan, who loved and appreciated every part of him, even the scary ones. Calyx is enamored with his partner, sharing the coast and his life with him. After meeting Sullivan, Calyx grew to embrace what he loved, and he developed an affinity for anything cute.